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  The Breeding  
allevamento 1 My passion for dogs was born in 1975, when I started to breed, at first, the boxer, then the Zwergpinscher, and, after about 20 years, so in 1995, the German Pinscher. Why not?! Life is composed also of this one: passion to cultivate that, although the hard work, give us wonderful experiences we’ll remember and of which we’ll narrate to grand-sons. Dog’s shows, puppies and the satisfaction my dogs have always given me, are, for me, reason of pride and I find right to share with the people who love animals, this part of my life. I think dog are very intelligent pet, with which we can interact and from which we can learn values as respect and loyalty. In fact a dog want from us only this one: love, respect and loyalty. Is not maybe what we all search?! My adventure is started in this way: knowing people who, before me, have bred these beautiful creatures, and they have hand down to me their values. I will always be grateful to them of this and I hope to do the same thing, speaking about what  it means grow up and breed a dog.

My dog-lover experience is started in 1973 in coincidence with my marriage. Just married, me and my wife Manola, decided together to take with us the boxer who, till that moment, lived in my parents’ house (LOLA) and, with her, we spent the next 15 years, during which, at that time our young friend had some puppies. From this was born ISOTTA, another beautiful and young boxer who remained with us and she started with me the path that brought me to the dog shows, becoming so early an Italian champion. Just in the period in which we decided to have the brood from which came ISOTTA, I knew IVO ALCHIBUSACCI who, in the next years, became my mentor; he had, at that time, the beautiful ARTU’ della Gorgona, the father of ISOTTA and of the entire brood. IVO ALCHIBUSACCI after some years, undertook his adventure with the zwergpinscher. At the beginning, I have to admit it, I did not like it so much, maybe for them height so different from dogs to which I was used. But when LOLA, by now old, died , we understood that ISOTTA suffered much loneliness and, since as our family was increased with the births of Massimo and Marco, my first two sons, we decided to take with us a little  zwergpinscher, BIRBA della Gorgona. BIRBA conquered all family with  easiness and ISOTTA was fall in love of her new little friend. At the end, can I say, at the evening it was spectacular see sleeping my sons and the two dogs in the same room with naturalness and spontaneity, which still I am astonished when I heard that dogs can transmit diseases. After some month we took 
allevamento3 with us also CLARISSA della Gorgona and, with these two young zwergpinscher, we won lots of title, including Italian, international and world championships. Then we had the first wonderful brood, followed by IVO ALCHIBUSACCI, who had much experience in this field and who has taught me all that I know today about the childbirth of this beautiful creatures. Cooperating together, with his breeding “DELLA GORGONA” for 13-14 years,  we had fabulous dogs, including great champions.

I will never end to thank IVO ALCHIBUSACCI to have done of me that I am today and, not only as breeder, but also as man. At the beginning of my adventure, I was little more than a child and IVO has taught me to face the life and the hard situations as a mature and responsible adult., without fear and with tenacity. THANKS IVO!!!!!!!!!! I continued in the years, as I had been taught, and I had the satisfaction that I dreamt so much. In 1995 I took my GERMAN PINSCHER in one of the most popular breeding at that time: “LA CAPPELIERE”. In our family arrived LEVA’. With her I won all possible titles: it was a great personal satisfaction.
When I decided to want bring up also this kind of Pinscher, I left for Normandy for do unite LEVA’ and, when we came back,  in addition to the brood that would be born later, I fetched back at home DURAN “De la capeliere”, a young male of GERMAN PINSCHER, who had about 4 months. From the Levà’s brood, we kept ARIEL “DELL’ALTO FONDALE”. In the period that followed this, both with pinscher and zwergpinscher, the “Alto Fondale” breeding was covered of certificates and titles of all kinds, thanks to the work of my family and that one of various friends, who, not only had adopted my puppies, but also had made them champions.

It seems a lifetime passed , yet, also today, me and my wife pledge much ourselves  in this work and we are so satisfied of this. Still today, me and IVO ALCHIBUSACCI are great friends, although in two different breeding with different name, and I am so proud of it. I’ve had also my stop period. In fact in 2009 and 2010 my life in the dogs shows, was stopped for familiar reason, but I’m not been able to stay out of this world for long time. In 2011 I’m come back in the field, obtaining good purpose and seeing, with much please, that are arrived new young, expert and tenacious breeders.
allevamento5 I love so much the comparison with the other and I hope that also these new breeders are faithful and expert as “the old”.
Regarding to me, I am that I’m always been: straight and old-fashioned, for the right things. We will carry forward our breeding in the better way, until my wife Manola and me will have the forces, and we will search to derive the most possible satisfaction. And why not?! I will be able to give advice to the people, hoping to be useful to them who, as me some years ago, today started their adventure in the world of the dog. The last thanksgiving to my life partner, who, with me, every day cultivates my passion. Nothing of all this it would be possible without my wife!!
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