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pinscher1 The German Pinscher is a dog who has a formidable physicality, while his “little brother” is of smaller size, but, not for this reason, less beautiful or smart. Its appearance proud makes him a dog elegant and of distinguished bearing, but with a strong, determined and tenacious character. A good life partner!
He is often headstrong, so he need an owner safe and rules well-defined, so that he can find his position in the “herd”, o family, as we call it, but without become the leader. If this "discipline" will be set right from the beginning, living with this dog will become one of the most beautiful experiences of your life. The Pinscher need an owner safe and who knows make him understand that it isn’t him that commands; and, once found it, this dog will become your best friend, the most faithful and responsible that, you and your family, can have. He knows be a tenor, even if, dissimilar to zwergpinscher, he uses the voice only in case of real needed. He loves the companionship of his family but, at the same time, he creats himself spaces where he can stay peaceful and without be unsettled. In short, in contrast to what one might think, although the big size, the presence of the German Pinscher at home is noticed less than that of a little zwergpinscher. This dogs have a great devotion to their family and a big sweetness and delicacy with the children, almost to want indicate that, there is nothing to fear until they will be there to protect them.
I always thought that a good dog is made by a good owner, i.e. if the owner is balanced and he will seek to ensure that his relationship with the dog is based on respect and affection, instead of fear or submission, he will have with him a dog respectful and submissive. But after so many years that I bring up this breed, I have to admit to have noticed that a minimal of base training (obedience), can ensure  that this path be met in a more precisely way and in shorter time, and with most satisfaction. In fact there are paths of training that, more than fortify the confidence relationship between dog and owner, are also fun for either in a healthy way, because games and movement are foreseen in which involvement  is, for either, synonymous with trust. My passion, which expand itself from birth, education, breeding, formation and everything that involves have a dog, culminates here: at the dog’s shows. Maybe not all are lovers of this kind of thing, but when I come here, inside of the ring, and my work is appraised by the judges, I have to admit that I feel fulfilled and with these dogs, which aren’t still so known in Italy, the satisfaction is larger.

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